Translation and/or Editing

We offer the following translation and/or editing services:

  1. Your text is translated from the original into the target language.
  2. Your text is edited by native speaker experts in the specific field.
  3. The final version is proof-read by our copy editors.
  4. Our charges include repeat consultations to ensure the finished text is accurate and fully conforms to your expectations and requirements (where appropriate via video conference or face-to-face).


Our simultaneous interpreters are fluent in the languages required (principally German/English) and available at 48 hours notice.

Language Training

We are happy to help with all your interactive language needs, such as preparing for conferences, presentations, meetings, etc. as well as with specific needs such as pronunciation skills or grammar.

Service Conditions
  1. Standard jobs are guaranteed delivered to agreed deadlines (usually 7-10 days).
  2. Express jobs are delivered within 48 hours depending on text length.
  3. Texts over 5,000 words are classed as extended.
  4. The standard charge for Interpreting and language training is EUR 50 per hour (exclusive of travel over 25km).
  5. Estimated charges are exclusive of value added tax (19%).